Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clay Jack-o-Lanterns

Each student gets a clay circle for the base of the coil pot.

Marble sized balls of clay are rolled into coils on Masonite boards.
The pot is constructed on a paper towel so it will not stick to anything. Coils are built up to give height to the sides. 

A cookie cutter clay leaf will be added to the second circle which will be the lid.

Coils need to be pinched together and smoothed on the inside
so the pot will not fall apart.

The teacher uses a wooden spatula to paddle the coil pot
into a sphere shape.

The teacher also uses a potter's needle tool to cut in the face.
Children are asked what type of face they want.
The tool is too dangerous for children to handle.
The second circle is added as the lid with a coil stem.
The leaf is drawn on with a pencil by the kids and everything is glued together with slip.

Jack-o-lanterns are sent home with a small candle inside
to light on Halloween!

See our video here:

This is my original project.
Please link back to me if you use it in your class.

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